about us

The Meadowlark Institute works with a network of Partners highly skilled in leadership training, convening and planning. We have worked extensively with each member of our Partner Network. Our approach is to bring to our clients the best team to meet their needs


Belden Charles, www.beldencharles.com

Ginny Belden Charles works with the relational side of change. She designs and facilitates processes for convening groups to convert conflict and inertia into forward movement. She specializes in:

  • action learning/peer coaching, coauthor of the Waterline Action Learning method summarized in The Change Handbook, 2007.
  • women’s leadership, cofounder of the Women’s Leadership Community, a learning community for women leaders since 1997.
  • Change leadership, on faculty with St. Catherine’s University Master’s in Organizational Leadership program and with Pepperdine’s Master’s in Organization Development program. 


Chris Corrigan, www.chriscorrigan.com

Chris is a process artist, a teacher and a facilitator of social technologies for face to face conversation in the service of emergence. His business is supporting invitation: the invitation to collaborate, to organize, to find one another and make a difference in our communities, organizations and lives.



 Harvest Moon Consultants Ltd., www.HarvestMoonConsultants.com;  www.Caitlinfrost.ca

Harvest Moon Consultants is a Canadian consulting company co-led by Chris Corrigan and Caitlin Frost, working in partnership with an international network of colleagues and friends.  As facilitators, hosts, and coaches we work with communities, large and small organizations, individuals and groups to support participatory process, engaging meetings, clear thinking and the capacity for powerful conversations and transformational leadership in the service of wise action, good relationships and meaningful work.  We also offer open registration and internal learning retreats internationally.


 Interchange, http://www.interchange.dk/

Interchange aps is a ‘for-more-than-profit” company co-created and co-owned by Toke Paludan Møller and Monica Nissén working both in Denmark and internationally. Its work is to host sustainable development and transformation for individuals, leaders, and organizations through meaningful conversations that lead to wiser collective actions.


Kathy Jourdain, Shape Shift Strategies Inc., www.ShapeShiftStrategies.com

The shape of the world is shifting.  It is constantly shifting but never more so than now.  Kathy Jourdain’s work, through Shape Shift and the Art of Hosting community, is in co-creating the conditions for active participation in shaping the future of the systems, organizations and communities that we feel passionate about – that are near and dear to our hearts. This work requires clarity of purpose and intentionality of action to guide our steps.

What if the spark that ignites the flame of transformational change is ignited by individuals who know that the way we are doing things just isn’t working, who gravitate together to co-create an emergent future we are only just beginning to envision?  What if participative leadership and hosting is the way to elicit, hold and nurture the sparks so that more and more people begin to sense the possibility, fan the flames and move to wise action.


David Cournoyer, dcournoyer33@gmail.com

At Plain Depth Consulting, David Cournoyer connects people, ideas and resources. This work focuses on communications, facilitation, organizational development, and program development. With 15 years of previous experience at foundations and national nonprofit organizations, David has done considerable work in leadership development, diversity and inclusion, network building and community engagement. At the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, David provided communications expertise to youth and education initiatives. More recently, he led leadership programming at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation and Native Americans in Philanthropy. A member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, David previously worked as a television journalist at the local and national levels, including KARE11-TV in Minneapolis and the Fox News Channel. Plain Depth Consulting brings creative energy, attention to process and diverse experience to its work.


Tuesday, tuesday@tryanhart.com

Tuesday is a host/facilitator who has spent her work life in non-profit and academic settings improving systemic responses for all people in a community. Throughout her career, she has worked in social movements for gender and race equity, including anti-violence work, with a focus on exploring the intersections of multiple identities and oppressions in people’s lives.  Tuesday is passionate about working with groups to enhance awareness, understanding, alliances, and action across differences. Tuesday is a core group member of the Our Optimal Health project in Columbus, Ohio, a complex and multi--‐layered effort aimed at co--‐creating a new healthcare system based on health and wellness for all people in the community. With a core group of community leaders, she is also working to develop a “community of practitioners” in Columbus , Ohio convening and hosting community conversations as a way to address the complex social issues that face many urban centers right now. Tuesday’s efforts span all levels of transformational work – from individual coaching to large-scale systemic change processes.  She is also a board member of The Berkana Institute (www.berkana.org) and a steward of the Art of Hosting (www.artofhosting.org).


Tim Merry, www.myrgan.com, tim@myrgan.com

Tim Merry is a conversation host, social entrepreneur and slam poet. His work ranges from facilitating long term regional multi sector social innovation projects to grass roots community transformation to large corporate conferences. All of the work is rooted in participatory leadership and belief that the solutions we seek lie inside ourselves, our communities, networks and organizations. Tim works across Canada and internationally and is a Board Member of the Berkana Institute.



Warrior of the Heart™, warrioroftheheart.net  

Warrior of the Heart presents experiential seminar/trainings in developing individual and organizational capacity for centered and wise actions. Contact: Bob Wing at, bob@wiseactions.net



Tenneson Woolf, www.tennesonwoolf.com, www.berkana.org

Tenneson is a practitioner of change and group process artist. He is dedicated to what is possible when we explore the heart of our work and the edges of our communities. He uses participative leadership methodologies, maps, and models as strategy to create helpful meetings and inquiries. Tenneson has hosted interactive processes at large conferences, worked with many teams, and coached many individuals in diverse organizations – from hospitals to financial planning associations, from universities to faith communities, from corporate clients to labor unions. He is a steward of two communities of practice: The Art of Hosting and The World Café. He works locally with The Salt Lake Center for Engaging Community supporting and designing local dialogues on living in healthy community.